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Monday, October 24, 2005


I'm changing this post a bit so it is less abstract and confusing...
It was inspired after a phone call at work. We deal with a lot of letters and one day a girl read me the letters egv over the phone and they all sounded like 'e'. It made me wonder what letters sound like other letters...This is how I broke them down. This is probably something they teach in elementary school english class but I'm just enjoying it now... See what you think.

Original Post:
This post was inspired after a phone call today at work... We deal with a lot of letters for various things and since I have time at work, I explored this thought.

A: a j k
E: b c d e g p t v z
I: i y
f s x
m n
U: q u w
all alone: h l o r

Comments, corrections?

spam blog comments

I really don't think I like these spam comments... It makes me think I should switch to another blog AH!...Is it to quick to think that? We'll see.
Here is the last one I got:

Jane said...
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Thanks Jane! Write me a more personal comment next time...and then maybe we can be friends!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

lol, I love inside jokes...

This is an AIM converstion I had with a friend...Most won't understand why it was so funny, but oh well, it cracked me up!

S: get some sleep!
S: you need it like everyone else
E: Eric is away.
S: what
E: Eric is away.
S: ok, who is this?
E: The computer. Eric is away.
S: Nice
S: I thought you were going to mistype it that time and therefore give it away...Then you changed it... You should have kept going...I was loving it.
E: The computer. Eric is away.
S: awesome
S: I guess your computer is smarter than mine, cuz mine can only send the same statement...Mine can't answer questions too
E: The computer. Eric is away.
S: wow it even waits for me to finish!
E: I am so witty.
S: amazing!
S: well, computer, tell Eric to have a good day/night
E: The computer is away. This is Eric.
S: lol
S: wait I have to get off the floor from laughing so much

blah, blah, blah

S: i better go to bed
E: Me too.
S: ok
E: The computer is away. Eric is away.

Monday, October 17, 2005

'People' people and 'Idea' people

That's me, or so I've been told. The people I like to be around though are 'Idea people'.
Got an idea? I wanna hear it, discuss it, analyze it, apply it, morph it, etc.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Things (food) I wish I liked...

I came across this in my sketch book today. It's something I think about every once in a while...Maybe I'll explain why in another post...It's deep!

Things I wish I liked:
beer and or soda

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I love to dance...I think about it a lot and wonder why I like it so much. I really don't think it is just dancing because I really prefer lead/follow dancing. What I really like is being led. It is amazing what the lead can 'tell' me with just the slightest movement. It is a conversation between two people on the dance floor that no one else can hear, but only see the results of it.