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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The guy with great hair

Tonight my roommate and I came back from our apartment with my laundry that I couldn't do there cuz we found out our washer is broken, so I had to bring my stuff back and wash it in the dorms. That is only important to say cuz instead of taking the stairs like normal (we live on the 2nd floor) we took the elevator... It was super exciting because we got to see the guy with great hair... Ya'll are probably wondering why we were so thrilled, so let me explain.
He really does have nice hair, it is sort of long and really curly. However, he is also extremely tall that I'm sure everytime he meets a new person they probably comment on how tall he is... So Becki and I have always talked about if we ever see him we won't mention his height to him, instead we will comment on something he probably doesn't hear everyday. Now, I'm sure he hears how curly his hair is sometimes too, but usually after people mention how tall he is. After he held the elevator door for us, I knew I had the opportunity, so I said it, I said, 'you have great hair...' and he said, thanks, I don't do much too it, and I said something else and that I wish I had curly hair. Btw, he was actually having a great hair day tonight too, so the timing was good.


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